Hylant’s Proud History With Jeep

For nearly 80 years, Jeep has called Toledo, Ohio its home. From the production of vehicles for the war effort of World War II to eventually producing vehicles for civilians, Jeep has been an integral part of the Toledo community. And providing risk management brokerage services to the automotive industry is a source of pride for Hylant.

Hylant is a proud sponsor of Toledo Jeep Fest and will be hosting trailers and rigs for participants of the Glass City Center Exhibit in their parking lot at 811 Madison Ave, Toledo, OH 43604.

When Hylant formed in 1935, the company recognized the value that Willys-Overland brought to the community by boosting the Toledo economy, employing a local workforce and becoming intrinsically tied to Toledo history. As Jeep grew, so, too, did Hylant.

As every new iteration hit the factory lines, insurance protection changed, requiring more knowledge and expertise. Hylant took on the challenge, developing a deep understanding of the partnerships involved with manufacturing. As Hylant learned more, team members developed partnerships with auto part manufacturers, including a long-standing relationship spanning more than 40 years with Dana Incorporated, a global leader and key manufacturer and supplier to Jeep in drivetrain components.

With Hylant employees spending time inside the vehicle manufacturing facilities, they have learned a great deal of the ins and outs of production, from basic assembly to computer chip manufacturing and data collection to the evolution of electric vehicles. These partnerships ensure a total knowledge of the ins and outs of vehicle manufacturing.

Since 1935, Hylant has been intrinsically tied to Toledo and the automotive industry. As auto manufacturers evolve to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s consumers, Hylant will be there to help meet those needs.