For rare and custom Jeeps.

Please understand that space is limited to 100 to 150 Jeeps, and subject to approval. The Indoor Glass City Center Exhibit is for select Jeeps only; those of historical value or that are a particularly rare model, customized and built rigs, etc. After registering for this exhibit, TJF staff will contact you via email within two weeks of submission to let you know if your Jeep is selected. All selected Jeeps will be secured inside the Exhibit Hall from Friday, August 4 until noon on Sunday, August 6 at 1 p.m. for public display.

Once your Jeep is parked in the Glass City Center Exhibit, it cannot exit to take part in the All-Jeep Parade. Jeeps cannot participate in both activities, and therefore drivers must pick only one of these two popular options.

An Indoor Glass City Center Exhibit ticket comes with a goody bag and an exclusive participant T-shirt. You may select a size during registration. Additional exclusive participant T-shirts are for sale during your one-time check out only, so don't miss your chance to purchase. These T-shirts will not be available for purchase for the general public, ONLY official TJF participants.

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