We still love answering questions for Toledo Jeep® Fest fans – good information helps everyone have a great experience on Toledo Jeep® Fest weekend (Aug. 1, 2, 3 and 4 in 2024). But, we answer some questions a lot. So, here we’ll try to give detailed answers to these frequently asked questions so that you can learn how this amazing free and family-friendly event works, and share these details with others. Got another question not listed here? Ask us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  • Question: “I can’t find my Jeep® Parade ticket receipt. Can you find it for me?”
  • Answer: Toledo Jeep® Fest is a free, family-friendly festival, however tickets are sold for some events like the All-Jeep® Parade, Park-N-Shine and the Glass City Center Indoor Exhibit. You will need that scan code on the day of the event to get into the staging area and to collect your T-shirt(s) at the Glass City Convention Center (401 Jefferson Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43604).
  • Question: “Do I need tickets for each person in my Jeep® or is it one ticket per Jeep®?”
  • Answer: One ticket = one Jeep®. Only one ticket is needed for each All-Jeep® Parade entry or Park-N-Shine entry. You can ride with as many people or animals as will safely fit in your Jeep®.
  • Question: “Where’s my T-shirt? Can I get it ahead of the event? Do I get my T-shirt at the Jeep Parade staging area? I’m really excited about the T-shirt!”
  • Answer: OK, we know you love the T-shirts and want to get your hands on them as soon as possible, but TJF is still designing, printing and ordering your 2024 event version (there are plenty of TJF designs available, but only event registrants can get their hands on an event T-shirt). You will pick up your free event participant T-shirt at the Glass City Convention Center in the heart of our festival footprint (401 Jefferson Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43604). You can pick up your T-shirt on Saturday and Sunday of the festival by showing the scannable ticket that you used for entry into your event. Room 104 will be staffed on Saturday, August 3: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Sunday, August 4: 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. If you ordered additional participant T-shirts during the registration process, they will be available, as well.
  • Question: “I have an awesome band that wants to play at Toledo Jeep® Fest. What’s our dressing room number and what time do we go on?”
  • Answer: Don’t share your contact info with us. Thank you for your interest in playing at TJF. Unfortunately, live music is not handled by our event team, but rather other event venues such as The Huntington Center and Hensville.
  • Question: “You say it’s a family-friendly event. Is there anything fun for kids to do?”
  • Answer: Anything fun (sputter) for kids? Big time fun! Jeeps are super cool – like a non-stop, rolling monster truck event. Add two Kids Zones (one at Imagination Station and one at Hensville) with inflatables and climbing walls and then there’s the RC course inside the Glass City Convention Center where kids can drive radio-controlled Jeeps and another inflatable 50 x 80 foot oval for more RC jeeps. If your kid doesn’t have fun at Toledo Jeep® Fest, well . . . good luck.
  • Question: “Are dogs allowed at Toledo Jeep® Fest?”
  • Answer: Dogs are not allowed to drive Jeeps in the parade, however well-behaved, leashed dogs are not restricted from the festival. Remember that you are in a downtown area, so water options are limited.  
  • Question: “Is Toledo really Home of the Jeep®? Prove it!”
  • Answer: Toledo Jeep® history begins in 1941 when Bantam won a significant United States Military contract to design a four-wheel drive utility vehicle that was manufactured throughout World War II. Dana is credited as a co-inventor of the Jeep®, along with the U.S. Army, Bantam, Ford, and Willys-Overland. You can see a smokestack with the OVERLAND letters dating to 1910 from I-75 in Toledo. At peak production, Willys-Overland employed 15,000 workers and was producing a Jeep® every two minutes. Both the iconic Jeep® Wrangler and Jeep® Gladiator are currently being produced in Toledo. The Stellantis Toledo Assembly Complex (across I-75 from Dana’s Toledo Driveline Facility) is one of the region’s largest and most modern manufacturing plants. 
  • Question: “I’m visiting Toledo. Where’s a good place to stay?”
  • Answer: Reach out to these Toledo-area hotels for special Toledo Jeep® Fest rates. We also have two state parks (one in Michigan and one in Ohio) that are close to downtown Toledo.
  • Question: “Is there an off-road course at Toledo Jeep® Fest?”
  • Answer: The world is essentially one big off-road course for Jeepers. We offer instead the Jeep® Off-Road Course Welcome Party hosted by Monroe Superstore. This great event happens on Thursday, August 1 and features free rides on the 18-obstacle off-road course located at 15160 S Dixie Hwy, Monroe, MI 48161, which is just north (24 minutes and 19.9 miles) of downtown Toledo.
  • Question: All-Jeep® Parade or Park-N-Shine? Park-N-Shine or All-Jeep® Parade? Both events are awesome, I can’t decide, so I think I’ll sign up for both!
  • Answer: Hold on, there! Don’t do that because we will have to refund one of your registrations. You should choose one event or the other but not both. Both events (All-Jeep® Parade and Park-N-Shine) come with reserved parking on the festival grid near the Vendor Midway. Both events come with a free T-Shirt and swag bag. But some people want their parking spot early so that they can view the parade or walk the Midway. The Park-N-Shine area will be staffed with volunteers directing you to a parking position. Meanwhile, All-Jeep® Parade goers are lining up in the Owens Corning parking lot to get ready for the big All-Jeep® Parade at 10 a.m. sharp. After these Jeeps complete the parade route, each Jeep® will be directed to the next best parking positions near the Vendor Midway. All-Jeep® Parade or Park-N-Shine? You can’t be in both places at the same time. Choose wisely!
  • Question: “Can I throw candy and beads and coasters and stuff from my Jeep during the parade?”
  • Answer: The Toledo Police and Toledo Fire Departments would prefer that you do not throw anything from your Jeep® during the parade, as this is a safety hazard. Have a great time at the All-Jeep® Parade, be safe and be aware of everyone and everything around these awesome vehicles traveling slowly past thousands of spectators.
  • Question: “I have an awesome food truck that Guy Fieri should have featured on one of the lost episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Where do I park?”
  • Answer:  We are not taking any additional food truck requests for 2024 – chock full!
  • Question: “Where is Toledo Jeep® Fest?”
  • Answer: Yes, we have gotten this question before. Since Toledo, Spain does not have a Jeep® festival – that narrows the location possibilities down to . . . the Home-of-the-Jeep® Toledo, Ohio! More specifically, a 20-block footprint of downtown Toledo centered on the Glass City Center. Simply plug 401 Jefferson Ave, Toledo, OH 43604 into your GPS and you’ll bump into us on August 2-4. Go to our website and check out Helpful Toledo Jeep® Fest Maps.  
  • Question: “Those big Jeep® letters at the assembly facility off I-75 – how can I get a photo there with my Jeep®?”
  • Answer: The iconic Jeep® symbol is located at the Stellantis Toledo Assembly Complex (Wranglers and Gladiators are assembled at this location). Access is limited as the Jeep® symbol is located inside the factory gates of a very active manufacturing complex. There is one special charity event during Toledo Jeep® Fest in August that is conducted through the United Way of Greater Toledo that allows Jeepers to roll up to the Jeep® letters for photos. When we have updated info for 2024 we will update here and on our social media channels.
  • Question: “Where can I park for Toledo Jeep® Fest?”
  • Answer: There is reserved parking for All-Jeep® Parade and Park-N-Shine registered Jeepers, after that, it is first-come, first-served street and structure parking in downtown Toledo. Go to our website and check out Helpful Toledo Jeep® Fest Maps. Look for those big squares on the map with the letter P!  
  • Question“I have a trailer for my Jeep® or extra gear that I can’t fit in my vendor position. What do I do?”
  • Answer: If you are bringing your older Jeep® or custom Jeep® on a trailer, we have a place for you to store this equipment securely. The Hylant Building at 811 Madison Ave, Toledo, OH 43604 has a parking lot where you can store your trailer. The Hylant Lot will not accommodate large goose neck trailers and is intended for the standard smaller (two axle) car trailers. This parking lot is 0.5 miles from the Glass City Center. Contact Kevin Cesarz at [email protected] or 419-887-6835 to have your name added to a list to secure a code for the lot. If you are a vendor and have semis, trailers or other equipment that won’t fit in your vendor position, you can store this equipment at UAW Local 12 at 2300 Ashland Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43620. This facility is 1.9 miles from the Vendor Midway.
  • Question: “I need info on the Jeep® 4-Miler? Where’s my registration packet and T-shirt? Where’s the race course, what was my time from last year, etc.?”
  • Answer: Hang on, Forrest. We love the Jeep® 4-Miler, Walk and Virtual Cruise, but we are so busy staging Toledo Jeep® Fest that we partner with Run Toledo to conduct this awesome event on Sunday (August 4) of the festival. Race event questions? Run Toledo has a great website – runtoledo.com – and social channels (FB, IG, YT, TW) that will help you.

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