It's simple; you park and your Jeep shines all day.

TJF's Directions Credit Union Outdoor Park-N-Shine Show is a special two-block designated area where 100+ participating Jeeps will be parked in the early morning on Saturday, August 5. This area is designed to help TJF attendees who wish to park and display their Jeep downtown, but DO NOT want to be in the parade (it can be a long day for kids in the parade, for example). Park-N-Shine Jeeps can NOT be in the All-Jeep Parade, and participating parade Jeeps can NOT get into the Park-N-Shine after the parade rolls at 10 a.m. because this two-block area has been filled with Jeeps since around 9 a.m.

Please purchase a ticket for the All-Jeep Parade OR the Park-N-Shine, but NOT both.

Jeeps cannot participate in both activities, and therefore drivers must pick only one of these two popular options.

A Park-N-Shine ticket comes with a goody bag and an exclusive participant T-shirt. You may select a size during registration. Additional exclusive participant T-shirts are for sale during your one-time check out only, so don't miss your chance to purchase. These T-shirts will not be available for purchase for the general public, ONLY official TJF participants.

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