Toledo Jeep Fest will drive thousands to the city, and it takes a lot of horsepower to make it happen

There will be more than 300 volunteers on the ground for Toledo Jeep Fest weekend helping to make the event run smoothly according to WTVG, 13 ABC in Toledo.

“All our volunteers are community based and they understand what Jeep means to this city. At first, they’ll sign up for only three hours. Then they come back and say what else can I do?” said Jo An Matney, Volunteer Coordinator for Toledo Jeep Fest. “Jeep is a passion, you get caught up in it. It’s not hard to rope anybody in.”

While many of the volunteers have ties to the Toledo Jeep Plant through the UAW, others are drawn in by their love of the iconic Jeep or from a sense of community service.

“There is more to Jeep than just the vehicle. It really is a family, and it involves a lot of the city because of all the companies that build parts for the Jeep. Jeep affects everybody in some way. We are going to have an exhibit inside the SeaGate Centre of Jeep’s rich history. It’s been fun putting it together,” said Diana Spalding, a third generation Jeeper who worked at the plant for thirty years, and is now the UAW Local 12 historian.

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