Toledo Jeep Fest 2021: Jeep Fest Returns

This year’s festival is almost certainly the most anticipated ever. In addition to acting as a celebration of Jeep’s 80th anniversary, the 2021 Jeep Fest will see the event’s triumphant return following its forced COVID-related cancellation last year, according to the Toledo City Paper. Plans for the event began to tentatively take shape in the fall, but really got rolling as soon as gathering restrictions began to be lifted earlier this year.

It all began in 2016. A group of Jeep enthusiasts in the Toledo area came together with a simple idea: A celebration of the vehicle that had been a staple of the American experience since it was first built here three quarters of a century prior. The single day event was so well received that it has evolved into an annual event.

This year, the returning event has increased significance for those who saw so many other events get cancelled in 2020.

“The pent up enthusiasm to get outdoors and do things that we have done in the past is remarkable,” said Jerry Huber, retired plant manager of Toledo Jeep and the chairman of Toledo Jeep Fest. “The renewed interest, not only from people who have participated in the past, but from people that have heard about the event and are reaching out to us this year and saying, hey, how can we get involved?”

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