TARTA Ready With Jeep Fest Express

As the Official Transportation Partner for Toledo Jeep Fest, Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) puts the Jeep Fest Express on the road for the third straight year on Saturday, August 5, delivering customers to the festival footprint downtown for just $1.50 per ride or $3 round trip.

In addition to a park-and-ride from Franklin Park Mall, TARTA is expanding the service this year to include Jeep Fest Express service from Starr Elementary School in Oregon.

“We want to take advantage of any opportunity we can to put families in touch with this great event, and direct service from Franklin Park and Oregon will help our customers enjoy the parade, expo, music, food, and everything else without worrying about parking,” said TARTA CEO Laura Koprowski.

“We are so excited to be bringing service to Oregon next year, and there is no better way to introduce ourselves to that community than to provide special transportation like this. We can connect riders to one of Toledo’s biggest events. We are proud of our continuing partnership with Jeep Fest, and expanding that partnership and this service made all the sense in the world.”

As an added attraction at the Franklin Park Mall location, early morning customers will be able to select a TARTA-branded duck from a prize pool and receive discounts from mall businesses.

Direct trips from both Franklin Park Mall and Starr Elementary to the downtown dropoff point – near the corner of Erie Street and Jefferson Avenue – will begin at 8:30 a.m. and run every 30 minutes until 1 p.m. Trips headed back to park-and-ride locations will leave downtown starting and 10:30 a.m. and depart every 30 minutes until 2 p.m., with additional rides back to Franklin Park and Starr at 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Customers can pay with cash, through the EZFare app or with cash on-board. Customers will also be able to take TARTA’s fixed-route vehicles, which will be running on a Saturday schedule, downtown to Jeep Fest. Trips to Jeep Fest for paratransit customers can be arranged by calling TARPS at 419-382-9901.