• To:

    Ohio Building Company Too, Ltd., Hylant Group, Inc., and any and all other owners of the building located at 811 Madison Ave, Toledo, OH 43604 (the “Owners”).

    I acknowledge that I will be parking my personal vehicle in the Hylant building parking lot at 811 Madison Ave, Toledo, OH 43604 (the “Parking Lot”) during the dates of August 8, 2019 – August 11, 2019 as part of the Jeep Fest event in downtown Toledo.

    I represent that I currently have insurance coverage equal to, or in excess of, the state of Ohio, or the state of my residence, minimum requirements for any vehicle that will be in the Parking Lot. In the event of damage to any property, mine or otherwise, or injury to any person, myself or others, that I will not hold the Owners liable no matter the circumstances. I will not pursue legal recourse in the event any damage or injury occurs. I also represent and warrant that my vehicle and all attachments thereto, are properly licensed and registered.

    I acknowledge these requirements by submitting this form.

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