Jeepers, let’s get ready to rumble: Jeep Fest 2022 is set for August, organizers propose new challenge

TOLEDO, Ohio — It’s one of the biggest events for Jeepers in the United States. Get your calendars ready because Toledo Jeep Fest returns for its fifth year in 2022.

Event planners tease “bigger and better entertainment” for the weekend of Aug. 12, 2022, right here in the city of Toledo, HOME of the Jeep

A formal announcement regarding the best grille in the business took place Thursday, during a volunteer appreciation barbecue honoring over 100 volunteers that make the event a success.

During the announcement, event organizer and Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken announced a new challenge to reach Jeepers across the entire country.

“We want five for 50. Five years, we want 50 states. We can do it. Everybody knows somebody somewhere. Let’s bring ’em, show them what the real truth is: that Jeep is born, built and produced, still here, in north Toledo,” Gerken declared. “And it’s gonna stay here and we’re gonna show the world what it’s worth.”

The celebration of Jeep’s 80th anniversary in 2021 drew more than 65,000 attendees from over 37 states, Canada, the District of Columbia and Mexico. The All-Jeep Parade included over 1,300 Jeeps rolling through the streets of downtown Toledo. 

A kickoff concert featuring country stars Josh Turner and Lauren Alaina brought more than 6,500 people to Promenade Park, tied into ProMedica’s Summer Concert Series.

Toledo Jeep Fest took a year off in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and saw slightly higher attendance numbers in 2019 than 2021, but planners have a lot in store for 2022. 

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